For PYP 4/5 students

Dates: The mornings of Thursday 2nd June, Friday 3rd June and Tuesday 7th June 2022

Activity: FUNSCOPES with Dr. Isabel TORRES, PhD in Genetics, University of Cambridge, UK.

EPBI will have the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Isabel TORRES to our PYP 4/5 class with Damaris Schroth on Thursday 2nd June, Friday 3rd June and Tuesday 7th June 2022 in order to lead an activity and scientific learning experiments to discover the world of Micro Biology.

FUNSCOPES is a science outreach project for primary school students created by Dr. Isabel TORRES, a science communicator and biologist by training. This project aims to enthuse children about science and increase their scientific literacy by conducting hands-on science workshops with microscopes. The workshops will take place in the Science Laboratory classroom in EPB I2 in three sessions, which include using stereoscopes and high-magnification microscopes to observe biological samples, as well as carrying out scientific experiments and fun educational games adapted to students from 9-12 years.

Dr. Isabel TORRES is a science communicator with a background in scientific research. She completed a PhD degree in Genetics at the University of Cambridge, UK, and then worked as a researcher in molecular and cell biology for 12 years. While living in Cambridge, Dr. Isabel TORRES co-founded Microscopes4Schools, a science outreach project of hands-on science workshops with microscopes for primary schools in Cambridgeshire (United Kingdom). This project inspired her to create a website for parents and teachers with all the information needed to use microscopes at home or at school.

When Dr. Isabel TORRES moved to France in 2012, she worked in academic publishing and science writing, and more recently, she created Pretty Smart Science, a digital platform that aims to promote scientific literacy and increase the visibility of women scientists. In 2019, before the COVID-19 health crisis, Dr. Isabel TORRES created FUNSCOPES and conducted pilot science workshops at different primary schools in and around Montpellier.

Now our pupils in PYP 4/5 will discover the amazing world of Micro Biology with Dr. Isabel TORRES.  

A participation of 13 Euros (complete form and online payment below) is required from all parents of students in PYP 4/5 to contribute towards financing the FUNSCOPES Project.

Let the scientific adventure begin!