New health and safety protocol in schools: wearing a mask.

Protocol set up from 1stFebruary 2021


This health protocol incorporates the necessary changes due to the circulation of COVID-19 observed in January 2021 and in particular the context of the emergence of virus variants. It will apply from 1st February 2021. It is based on the successive opinions of the Public Health Authorities, in particular that of January 20, 2021.

Wearing a mask

For staff:

Wearing a category 1 « general public » mask is mandatory for everyone both indoors and in outdoor spaces.

For the students:

The recommendations from the health authorities are as follows:

  • for nursery school pupils, wearing a mask is prohibited;
  • for elementary, secondary and sixth form students, wearing a category 1 “general public” mask is compulsory both indoors and in outdoor spaces.

It is up to parents to provide masks for their children.

For students with pathologies that make them vulnerable to the risk of developing a serious form of COVID-19 infection, your GP will determine the conditions for their continued presence at school.

The category 1 fabric mask developed according to AFNOR Spec S76-001 provides filtration of at least 90% of these particles.

Its level of protection is close to that offered by surgical masks.

From Monday 8th February 2021, we are therefore obliged to check that all students and staff at EPBI, only wear category 1 masks.

Since category 1 fabric masks only have this specification on the packaging (and not on the mask itself), we are unable to guarantee the necessary check-up.

Therefore all EPBI students, from CP to the final year students, will have to bring 2 surgical masks per day (1 for the morning and 1 for the afternoon), the only masks that are verifiable by the school.

Thank you for your help and understanding.